Friday, April 27, 2007

Podcasting Experience

Okay, I created my three podcasts and I have to admit it was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. One of the reasons could be the fact I did not have anything scripted or outlined before I created the podcasts. If I were to use this technology in class I would definitely have the topic outlined with key points to be covered in the podcast. An issue I raised in one of my podcasts is depending on the subject you are talking about a podcast could be REALLY BORING. In some cases adding video or some type of graphics would be helpful. My experience using Odeo was okay. I did not have difficulty setting up the channel and creating the podcasts. It was relatively easy to link the RSS feed to Blogbridge and also my blog. Would I use this in my online class--it is a possibility. It just depends on the topic I am covering. All in all I found podcasting does have benefits, but one must keep in mind the disadvantages before incorporating a podcast into course material.


librarian said...

Finally I found you again! I lost your info when my computer died and couldn't get ahold of you on the phone cuz yer still a jerk with your cellphone being off all the time and all.. so anyway, whats up? I quit Queens to move back to Buffalo without securing another job first just to shoot myself in the face I suppose. You?

Janet P Gubbins said...

Diane - don't be so hard on yourself - you did great!
At GC&SU the library is using informational podcasts interspersed with local music and student interviews.. the students connect to hear their friends being interviewed and local musicians .. and end up learning a thing or two about the library!