Friday, July 13, 2007 podcast

Odeo no longer allows you to create podcasts to I had to find a new site. PodcastPeople provides free podcast creation and hosting in mp3 quality audio. I did try podomatic, but the audio quality was terrible. The library's system's librarian liked the audio quality from podcastpeople and the fact we did not have to download software to create a podcast. The podcast discusses some of the features and benefits of My fellow librarian and colleague Mary Jane Rootes agreed to be my guest. There are benefits to having co-workers take the same class. Here is the link to podcast Please feel free to post your feedback.


Bessie said...

Great podcast! Thanks for the info on Odeo.

Paul Kawachi said...

Dear Diane,
While I too found Odeo was modified to no longer allow voice-input, nevertheless it does still allow linking to audio already on the web. And I used this. It works still. Simply upload your mp3 to your website server, and then go over to Studio.Odeo and link to the URL.
Not a great problem - though it is becoming increasingly apparent that the WebCT Modules re-cycled from last year will certainly need re-writing now. The conclusion here is that the shelf life of a course on advanced technologies is almost zero - it may work as written, but within minutes the outsourced links can change detrimentally for the students. Quite annoying to students. Perhaps the short applications we are 'asked' to download and use should better be stored and hosted on WestGa 's own computer for course integrity.
All Best Wishes